12 Fun Things to Do Outdoors While Glamping

We all know that glamping is more about the finer things in life and less about getting down and dirty in nature. It’s right there in the name… Glamping [Glamor + Camping], but you have to admit, the escape to nature is really what you came for, and a little dirt never hurt any body… So, get out of your comfy bed, unwrap yourself from the extra soft and cozy blankets, put down your mug of hot tea and throw on your hiking-boots because I have 12 fun things to do outdoors while glamping:

1. Nature Photography

Isn’t it wonderful that we all carry miniature high quality cameras in our pockets every day? Take advantage of that cell phone, try out a few new settings, and see what kind of masterpieces you can create.

2. Wildlife Spotting

Lions and tigers and bears… Well, maybe just bears, deer, rabbits and a fox or two. Research the type of animals that are in the area you’re glamping in and see if you can find any of them, from a very safe distance of course!

3. Bird Watching

Buy a bird watching book of the area you’ll be staying in so you know what species live there. Take time to watch the birds. See how many you can identify.

4. Hiking

A hike is an excellent way to explore the area around your campsite and to get in some exercise while glamping. Make sure to bring water and some snacks if you plan on going far.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Reconnect with the plants and animals while learning something new about the world around you. Make a short list of plants, animals, rocks, textures, colors or land features to identify and discover.

6. Fishing

Glamping near a river, stream or lake? Thrown in a line? You might get lucky enough to catch some dinner.

7. Swimming

Having Fun in the water is one of the highlights of camping. Swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing are some of the best water activities to enjoy while camping/glamping.

8. Stargazing

Away from the bright city lights you should be able to easily see and identify the stars in the night sky. Big Dipper anyone?

9. Tell Ghost Stories

Darkness… woods… strange sounds… There’s no better setting to tell ghost stories! The scarier the better, who wants to sleep anyway?

10. Play Games

Plan ahead, pack your favorite board games, card games, or even paper and just paper and pencil to play a quick game of tick tack toe or hangman.

11. Cook Dinner Over the Campfire

It doesn’t have to be perfect or a gourmet meal, cooking anything over an open fire makes it exciting, more fun and more delicious! Whether it’s hot dogs, a can of beans or a steak, savor those yummy campfire smells and ENJOY!!

12. Relax and Enjoy

Just you and nature… take this time to enjoy the slowness and quiet of your surroundings. Relax, reconnect connect with yourself and with nature, immerse yourself in a good book, or try yoga or meditation.


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